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Concierge Companions -   Boca Raton and surrounding areas
the Leading Provider of Individual and Business Concierge Services.

Transportation Services

  • Local Transportation

  • Errands

  • Appointments

  • Grocery Shopping- with or without you

  • Events

  • Ft Lauderdale Airport, Cruise port

  • Miami Airport, Cruise port

  • West Palm Beach Airport, Cruise port 

Non-Medical Home Care

Senior Concierge Services

We get to know each individual client by meeting with them and matching them with a Concierge  who is specifically matched to suit your needs and personality. Concierge Services for Seniors, New Parents,  the Physically Challenged and newly discharged hospital patients will reap the benefits of a Concierge matched specifically for your needs and personality. Grocery Shopping, Transportation, Running Errands, Bill paying and Paralegal services, In Home Beauty Services are just a small sample of concierge services we offer.

*A Patient Advocate is available for Nursing Home, Rehab and Hospital visits.




Personal Assistant Services

Business Concierge Services

Boca Raton and surrounding areas

Reward employees and reduce absenteeism by utilizing Concierge Services to ensure higher productivity and morale. From Personal Assisting, Travel Arrangements, Home and Office Organizing, Realtor and Relocation Services, Catering to Running Errands- We Do it All.  Short or long term assignments.


Business and Individual packages are available.

Tourists, Snowbirds and Snowflakes to Boca Raton, Florida. Concierge Services include hotel reservations, entertainment and event tickets. Concierge Service are provided the minute you arrive in South Florida.

Tourists' Concierge Services

Concierge Services are provided from the minute you arrive in town until you leave. This can include transportation to/from airport, cruise ships, hotel and restaurants. Additionally, we can help you with hotel and restaurant reservations, purchase of sporting event and theatre tickets, babysitting services, senior and disability services and transportation services.  


Concierge Companions offers computer and cellphone instruction to stay update with today's changing technology

Stay up-to-date with our personal one-on-one technology classes. Learn and at your own pace how to use your iPhones, iPads, Computer, Skype and apps in a relaxing atmosphere.

Classes are designed specifically for Your Needs!

Computer and Technology Instruction

What is a Concierge?

A Personal Assistant is dedicated to meeting the demands of your lifestyle by providing outstanding services, resulting in having peace of mind. Whether you are looking for an emotional companion, a shopping escort, a personal assistant for those errands that don't fit into your hectic life and everything else in between, we are here to help you.


How can we benefit you?

We want to help our clients maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. We focus on your needs and assist you in accomplishing your goals, regardless of how mundane or complicated they may be allowing you to focus on the more important things in life. 


Why Choose Us?

 We provide outstanding customer service. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. Concierge providers are dedicated and well trained. There are no jobs that are too big or too small, and we don't require a minimum time period.  


Our clients come from various backgrounds including: Professionals, independent elderly, new parents, physically disabled, hospital discharged patients, families, businesses, tourists and people in recovery.

Does this sound familiar?


  • You need to be at two places at the same time?

  • Your list of errands keeps growing and growing?

  • You need to be at work and at home for the repair person?

  • You are disorganized?

  • You need help with planning a party?

  • You're the Executive and you need personal and administrative support?

  • You are a senior and you need support?

  • Your home or office is unorganized and you can't find anything?

  • Of course, there is much more....


Concierge Companions is here to help YOU to balance your time. We take charge of your lists and complete each one of them



“It is a pleasure working with Andrea and Joanie not only are they attentive, they truly care about thier clients"


Anne Miller


“WE worked with Concierge Companions on numerous occassions for errands. The service is punctual, reliable and friendly"


Stuart Adler

“My Mother-in-law was apprehensive in getting Companion Care. We chose Concierge Companions and could not be any happier with their service. My Mother-in-law was matched with a companion that truly cares"


Jane Ricci


“I needed help with paperwork and was matched with a Concierge that was knowledgeable and easy to work with. I am very pleased with the company and intend  to use Concierge Companions is the future.”


Steven Fein

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