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Concierge Companions 

the leading provider of individual

and business Concierge and Services. 

About Concierge Companions


Who We Are:


My name is Andrea Berger, the President and Founder of Concierge Companions. I am a Paralegal with involvement in Concierge Companion Services for over 27 years. I have always possessed a "Can Do' attitude- if there is a will to do something than a way will be found. Being a Concierge for a large hotel corporation for many years allowed me to put that thought into motion. From obtaining hard to find tickets to booking a last minute private jet- it was done.


My desire to start a company started when I was caring for my mother who had a massive stroke at the young age of 64. Not only did she lose her ability to speak, read or write, she was left paralyzed on the right side and was not able to take care of her daily needs. Throughout her disability, I sought additional Concierge care for my mother and was not able to find the level of passionate quality care that my mother needed. I vowed that I would open a company to provide individuals and businesses alike with the care that I wanted for my mother by having a staff that was happy, dedicated and qualified. 


It was then that the idea for Concierge Companions was born. Through my experience as a paralegal, as a small business owner, as the working mother of two boys, as an over 40 adult who has had to adapt to today's rapidly evolving digital technology, and as an occasional tourist in other cities where my knowledge of and access to local resources and services was limited, I came to realize that the need for quality concierge services extended well beyond merely assisting the elderly and infirm. Our services, therefore are intended to provide high quality dedicated assistance for a broad spectrum of clients and needs. 


Our Dedicated Team- Passionate individuals with a desire to bring satisfaction to you, our client.


Our Customer Service is unsurpassed. Give the Gift of Time and Make Your Life Easier!









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Andrea Berger

President, Founder

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