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Drug and Alcohol Recover Companions and Coaches assist you with obstacles, transitions and high risk situations


Recovery Companions

and Coaches



Credentialed Mental

Health  Practitioners 



Licensure and Credentials will be discussed on an individual basis.

Recovery Companions and Recovery Coaches assist with obstacles, transitions and high risk situations for individuals needing support with:   


  • Addiction

  • Alcoholism

  • Co-occurring Concerns

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Ongoing Recovery Building and Support

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Lifestyle Transition Support


Recovery Companions for Social Support


  • Weddings

  • Funeral

  • Travel

  • Court hearings

  • Business meetings such as conventions and trade shows

  • Family parties

  • Holiday parties

  • Any personal situation which requires a discreet Sober Companion


Concierge Companions Critical Transition services include:


  • A designated Recovery Companion during the client's first days of relocation, return to South Florida or strategies to avoid places and people that place client at risk as they are in early recovery.

  • Introduction to the South Florida recovery community, tailored to a client's particular recovery and preferences.

  • Identification of retail services and personal services to complete daily tasks, grooming and shopping to assist clients who are relocating to the South Florida recovery community.

  • Individual “tour” accompanied by Recovery Companion to identify specific locations and public transportation if necessary.

  • Companionship throughout the day and evening as necessary during clients first days of relocation or return to home area.

  • Set up and organization of client's room in a Sober House or in a new dwelling.



Concierge Companions provides Recovery Coach for After Care:


  • Creation of a custom recovery plan for each client and support completing each element of the plan.

  • Weekly meetings with Recovery Coach to create daily schedules, coordinate testing, communicate with designated professionals identified in aftercare plan, and connect with family members.

  • Regular communication with all parties involved in a client's treatment, including therapists, psychiatrists, and physicians.

  • Referral for drug and alcohol testing.

  • Set up and organization of client's room in a Sober House or in a new dwelling.

  • Thorough inspections of client's homes on a regular basis.

  • Guidance and mentoring in early recovery.

  • Weekly progress meetings with client's family.

  • Guidance for family members around establishing healthy communication and boundaries.

  • Accompanying client for appointments, meetings and any other pertinent activates.

  • Coaching and creating transitional goals for client’s time/activities going forward.

  • Coaching to identify step by step objectives to complete goals without overwhelming client


Concierge Companions provides referrals for:


  • Detoxification

  • Inpatient Treatment

  • Outpatient Treatment

  • Interventions

  • Psychiatrists

  • Therapists

  • Family Therapists

  • Physicians

  • Dieticians and Nutritionists


Rates start at $150 an hour- packages available. Contact Us


Concierge Companions is not an addiction treatment, rehabilitation, medical or health services organization. The services and facilities provided by Concierge Companions' Recovery Companion and Recovery Coach  do not include, comprise or involve any: (a) addiction-related and/or drug or alcohol-related rehabilitation or detoxification treatment, products and/or services; or (b) form of medical advice, oversight, diagnosis, care or treatment including, but not limited to, psychological/psychiatric care or treatment or care/treatment for addiction. The Services should only be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician(s)

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